Sonoporation for gene therapy.

Visualized UEAs in a rodent.

Expanding the possibilities of genetic medicine

SonoThera is developing the world’s first ultrasound-guided nonviral gene delivery platform, which is designed to overcome the limitations of other gene therapy approaches.

Gene therapy needs
a paradigm shift.

The promise of gene therapy to cure diseases is falling short due to significant delivery, efficacy, and safety limitations.

Existing Nonviral Delivery Challenges

Viral Delivery

Advantages of SonoThera’s
Technology Platform

Diverse payloads

Use a wide variety of nucleic acid formats to develop genetic medicines.

Increased cargo capacity

Address a broader variety of diseases with a cargo capacity that exceeds viral-mediated therapies.

Targeted delivery

Target a large variety of organs where systemically administered viral vectors fail to transduce tissue sufficiently and without toxicity.

Patient access

Expand the patient pool that can receive gene therapies for improved outcomes.

Effective transfer

Robust delivery to the desired cellular compartments.

Safe track record

Ultrasound enhancement agents have been safely used in the clinic for decades along with FDA-cleared ultrasound hardware.

Building the most versatile therapeutic platform

Our platform uses sonoporation, a microbubble-mediated biophysical process that uses FDA-cleared ultrasound equipment and proprietary acoustic profiles to deliver payloads through a transient pore in a cell membrane.

We’re changing the
world of gene therapy.